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Apr 4

August 14th was always an incredibly special day in our family. Just 6 months after the death of my own mother, I became a new mother, on my 25th birthday - August 14th, 1983. When the twins came h
Sep 18, 2018

Tito was the younger brother of my friend, Andres, in high school. He was a standout soccer player. Although he occasionally wore tight pants, he was always wearing a smile. He was the most upbeat an
Sep 26, 2018

Dad was dealt a hard hand by life, losing his own father early, contending with poverty and life in an orphanage, but rose above it to open his own small town pharmacy and marry the woman he loved. I
Sep 19, 2018

Words wouldn't do Anthony justice, but music would. Music understands... because music is what feelings sound like.

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